Living Clay


Living Clay – we are a group founded by young Catholics of St. Antony’s Friary Church to engage the youth of our parish in spreading the word of God by our actions. We aim to transform dark moments around us with a blaze of light by kindness, lending a helping hand, and to make a difference for another today. We believe that through these diverse acts of kindness, that our lives are shaped.

Each time we stand up for an ideal, or doing our bit to improve the lives of the under privileged we send forth a tiny ripple of hope amidst despair. Our mission in being a part of Living clay is to utilize our talents for the benefit of others – to be useful, to be honorable and to be compassionate. We stand by Mother Teresa’s ideology that “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” We would want the world to know that we gave our all, did our best, brought someone some happiness, left this world a better place, just because we were here.