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Jesus Youth received recognition as an ‘International Private Association of Christian Faithful of Pontifical Right’ with juridical personality from the Pontifical Council for the Laity. The decree of approval was awarded during a ceremony held at the Vatican on 20th of May 2016. Jesus Youth is the first movement from India and the second in Asia to receive this approval by the Holy See.

The Movement: Jesus Youth is an International Catholic Movement with focus on evangelizing as well as promoting the missionary initiatives of young people. It had its beginnings in Kerala, India and grew up as an active part of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of the state. In the late 1970s a renewal wave touched the lives of many in Kerala, which resulted in the formation of a number of youth groups. In 1985, the International Year of the Youth, these groups came together under a single name, Jesus Youth. Over the next several years, the movement spread to different parts of India and gradually to a number of other countries. The movement is now active in more than thirty countries around the world.

A Lifestyle: Jesus Youth is a lay initiative that follows Catholic Charismatic spirituality. It orients people to a renewed encounter of the Lord by an adult renewal of their baptism and follows them up in deepening their faith. The strength of the movement is its special focus on a life centered on the Lord Jesus, beginning with an experience of God which is nourished by prayer, the Word of God, sacramental life and fellowship, and leading them to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others, especially the poor. These spiritual habits are known as the Six Pillars of Jesus Youth lifestyle.

A Place for Missionary Formation: Jesus Youth is a network of active groups of youth and young families. The movement, with a special focus on forming youth for an evangelistic mission, is active among migrants and career related groups. For this mission it makes use of fellowship groups, technology and modern media, with the assistance of different talents and skills. A variety of faith formation modules help the members to rediscover and live their faith and also to be effective missionaries in their living situations. In the movement there is a 5 phased faith formation program opening an avenue for everyone’s personal deepening. Furthermore, there are a number of stand-alone modules like, week long Discipleship Training Program (DTP), yearlong Fulltimership Program, fortnight long Master Builders Training, Engineers/Nurses to Mission.

Growing Together as Committed Catholics: The visible live of the movement is in its fellowship groups. Regular gathering of the committed Jesus Youth called ‘JY Households’, local JY Prayer Groups, its different missionary initiatives and ministries are all coordinated by Jesus Youth councils and teams at different levels. These coordinating bodies work in close collaboration with the respective Catholic hierarchy. Internationally the movement is coordinated by Jesus Youth International Council and in each country by its national JY Council. Each country comprise of different regions which are further divided into various zones. In 2008 Catholic Bishops Council of India (CBCI) formally approved Jesus Youth movement as a Catholic Lay Association.

Jesus Youth in Bengaluru:Jesus Youth in Bengaluru is active for more than a decade. There are 17 weekly prayer meetings that happen around the city. The ministries present in Bengaluru are Campus ministry, Teens ministry, Nurses ministry, Music ministry, Professionals ministry, Family ministry and Intercession ministry.’Stay tuned’ is a daily 3 hour intercession initiative that happens in YuvaVikas along with a 12-hour intercession across Bengaluru every last Sunday of the month. ‘Love in action’ is a month long outreach campaign during December to serve the poor and needy. There are numerous other initiatives, programs, outreaches and trainings that are frequently undertaken.

Join us for the Jesus Youth Wednesday meeting in the Friary classroom 4 from 6:45 pm – 8:30 pm every Wednesday for a blend of spirituality and joy.
Our meetings include Praise and Worship, Adoration, Way of the cross, Bible study, YouCAT study, Saint Study, Spiritual movies and Play Eat Pray (PEP)

For further details contact:
Stephen: 9916973328
Sylvi: 8884460759