Parish Priest Message

St. Anthony’s Friary Church is known to me since 1983. As I passed out my SSLC my desire was to become a priest to serve the Lord. I expressed this to my parish priest Rev. Fr. Denis D’ Souza who also hails from this parish. It was his imitative to contact the friars to bring me to the Franciscan way of life. The parish being small very vibrant even then.

Though I had not known what it means to be Franciscan. But the Franciscan friars’ (OFMs) simplicity fraternity was a sign of God’s love for all people by becoming good news to the people in around here. Ever since I have known the Parish, the friars have had the challenges of rapidly changing world and consequently of a growing church, the friars have systematically planned the pastoral care of the parish to make our parish community vital centre of Faith. Essentially we the friars, parishioners, devotees of St. Anthony and other associates work collaboratively to build the people of God.

St. Anthony’s Friary Parish, Bengaluru is a fountain of grace, peace, faith and hope. St. Anthony our patron saint and wonder worker the follower of St. Francis of Assisi continues to obtain grace upon grace from our Lord Jesus to all who come to the friary parish church. And with confidence I can say that St. Anthony continues to be a light and guide for all the devotees and our parishioners.

Throughout the day people flock to the church to pray to St. Anthony they entrust to him all their sufferings, worries, troubles and when they leave they take with them solace and consolation. The Friary campus provides for the faithful enough and more atmosphere where one can be in complete silence and prayer, the adoration chapel where one can be silent before the Eucharist Lord, the Shrine where one can light a candle and offer the prayers, the grotto of mother Mary where one can offer silent prayers to Mother Mary, the main church where one can be lost in prayer. Adding to all this there is always a priest from the friary who sits in confession for the benefit of the faithful, so that the people can confess their sins and receive the blessing of the almighty.

I believe that as sharers in the role of Christ the priest, the prophet and the king, the laity has an active part to play in the activities of the church. Their activity is so necessary within the church communities and without it the apostolate of the pastors is ineffective.

Inspired and moved by St. Francis of Assisi and St. Anthony;’ following of Jesus , we the parish team along with the parish council members, finance committee and all the pious associations are committed to serve the Lord and his people.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Rev. Fr. Amal Dass B, OFM
Parish Priest.