Liturgy Committee


General Instruction of the Roman Missal (G.I.R.M.) notes the importance of directions about the preparation of people’s hearts and minds, and of the places, rites, and texts for the celebration of the Most Holy Eucharist (No. 1). It clearly acknowledges that since liturgy is the primary and indispensable source from which the faithful are to derive the true Christian Spirit…the entire celebration is planned in such a way that it leads to a conscious, active and full participation of the faithful both in body and mind (No. 17).

Keeping this in view, St. Anthony’s Friary Parish Church formed a Liturgy Committee in the month of July, 2016 to facilitate and enhance the liturgical experiences of the faithful on Sundays and other special days. The committee will focus on coordinating with members of Lectors ministry, music ministry, ushering ministry and altar services.