Senior Citizen's Day

Every year the family cell of our parish organizes senior citizens day in our parish this year too it organized such a programme on Friday July 15, 2016 at Taala green auditorium and the main theme of the day was "Healthy eating for a healthy living"

Rev. Fr Praveen D'Souza our Assistant Parish Priest invoked the blessings of God Almighty and welcomed the resource persons and the senior citizens for the event. Rev. Fr. Peter. our Assistant Parish priest also welcomed the audience and assured his prayers and blessings.

The Nutritionist Mrs. Rumaiya.M.S and Ms. Divya Priscilla of St John's Medical college explained to the seniors the importance and benefits of healthy food habits. It was suggested by them to have four or five light meals a day instead of three full meals a day. They appealed to the seniors to drink more water and eat more vegetable. They advised them to drink fewer beverages and eat less non veg and if possible to back to grandma's recipes for a healthy living. Both of them requested the seniors to take a walk in the park for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

Dr. Pretest R.Kiran, Assistant professor, Community Medicine of St John's Medical college dealt with the subject "Graceful Ageing". He too insisted the importance of healthy food habits, daily walk, fixed time for prayers, meals and sleep. He had even suggested connecting with God, friends, children and grand children. He also advised to have hearty laugh every day and if possible practice yoga daily.

Mr Baptist D'souta Advocate explained to the audience the importance of preparing legal will and it's implications. He was ready to give legal advice free of cost at his office. On behalf of family cell Mr. Victor thanked the resource persons for their enlightenment and the senior citizens for their participation. Mr. Xavier one of the seniors thanked the parish clergy and the family cell for organising such a fruitful and important event. Like a icing on a cake Rev Fr. Praveen concluded the session by thanking each and every one including the support staff for their contribution for the success of the event and said grace before meals.

Special thanks to Mr. Martin Xavier and team for sponsoring delicious lunch for all

-A Victor and M Gerard