(A Programme for Formation and Proclamation of Faith)



For the benefit of our parishioners we are presenting a brief report of the Kristanjali (Catholic Enquiry Center) programme for the year 2012-2013.

Highlights of the Activities During The Year:

•  Meeting of the core group to review, discuss and plan the activities.
•  The monthly meeting of the volunteers .
•  Regular bible sms is being sent to the enquirers and personal contact is being maintained.
•  Christmas and Lenten time fellowship for enquirers of other faith had been conducted.
•  “Open Forum” – a faith formation programme for the parish was held on the topics ,”Creation story” by Fr.Francis Xavier,OFM “Eschatology” and “Sin and Forgiveness”by Fr. Trevor D’souza, OFM for people of all faiths.
•  Fr.Joy Prakash ,OFM was newly appointed as the chaplain for Kristanjali.

Available At The ‘Table’ during the course of one year were:

Leaflets on Kristanjali for free distribution,Registration, volunteers forms,Copies of the New Testament in English, Kannada,Tamil,Telegu – free distribution,Book on St Anthony – on sale,Omnibus of sources-Life story of St.Francis of Assissi, Music CD, titled, ‘ Jesus, Name Above All Names’ with Yesu Mala – on sale,Catholic magazines and books in various languages – for free distribution and re-circulation,Enrollment forms for N.B.C.L.C. available,Meet Jesus – basic course for beginners available, “Jesus” prayer cards,St Anthony’s Novena prayer cards,Books on “Jesus of Nazerath” for sale, Cards on the Consecration of the family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus And the Most Immaculate Heart of Virgin Mother was distributed for free,Holy Rosaries were distributed ,Cards on the prayer for the “year of Faith” and Nicene Creed has been circulated ,Divine Mercy Prayer Cards, Other material.

Number Of Enquiries During The Year:

During May 2012-May 2013 we received 155 enquiries, of which 111 were from Christians/Catholics and 44 were people of other faiths.


During 2012-2013 we received donations/contributions amounting to Rs.23,993/- The total expenses were Rs. 23,775/- (conveyance,printing,zeroxing and telephone).

Volunteers Who Served At The Table During The year:

We had 26 volunteers who registered to serve at the table . Those who served during the last year are: V Gabriel, Cini, Tulip, Harry Joseph, Stephen, Joseph, Brs Jesu Raj and Arun Devasia, Victoria, Amul Raj, Gladys D’Souza, Nikita D’Souza, Sangeetha Teresa, William, Mejo,Rashmi, Preeti Francis,Doma , Shawn ,Shalini, Anthony Deepak.


•  Parishioners who are wishing to serve as volunteers and who would like to contribute towards the Kristanjali expenses may kindly contact the Parish Office or the Kristanjali Table.
•  We request you to add three Hail Mary’s to your personal and family prayer, for the fruitfulness of the Kristanjali Apostalate.
•  Those who have old Catholic magazines and books (English, Kananda, Tamil, Telegu , Malayalam and Hindi) to be disposed off, kindly give these to the volunteers at the Kristanjali Table.
•  The gospel correspondence course, being supplied by NBCLC, for your home and self study. Kindly contact the Kristanjali volunteers for more information.


The Parish Team thanks all the volunteers, donors, benefactors and those who supported this programme during the month. May the Lord bless them all. The volunteers of Kristanjali thank its first co-ordinator, Fr.Trevor D’Souza, OFM for his enthusiastic and zealous initiative in organizing and setting up the movement and pray to God to bless him abundantly in his endeavours for his upcoming ministry work.


Kristanjali Volunteer: 8884218260

Parish Office: 080 - 25539985.


Kristanjali Volunteer Desk