Mission Sunday Celebration 2015

Annually, Our Holy Mother the Church celebrates ’World Mission Sunday’ on the next-to-last Sunday in the month of October. This was celebrated in view of reminding our Christian call to be missionaries through our witnessing life and to encourage offerings for Missions in the Church.

In line with Our Holy mother Church Our Parish celebrated ‘Mission Sunday 2015’, a mega event of parish, on Nov 8th. It’s a day of prayer, celebration, and communion. The liturgy of the Eucharist, through readings and prayers, invited us to recall and renew our commitment to be a missionary in this world after the command of Jesus, radiating His love to all, through our witnessing life as Christians.

A mega Food fest was organized as a part of the mission Sunday. Different varieties of stalls like food stalls, games stalls, auction stalls and many other stalls, were put up by different pious associations of the Parish, SCC units, Living Clay Youth, Sisters, and Parishioners towards this noble cause of missions. These stalls thrilled the faithful throughout the day and helped them to contribute their share towards mission by sharing food and fun together with family members and friends.

Many parishioners worked tirelessly towards the success of this event. They generously contributed their time, energy, effort, money etc by putting up the stalls, working in different organizing committees, and in various capacities. Every one gave their heart and soul towards the success of this event.

This Mission Sunday manifested the love of the parishioners towards the Church and its mission. It brought more collaboration, communion, and celebration into the family of St.Anthony’s friary parish church. It’s an expression of passion for Jesus and passion for His people.