Sunday School Annual Day

The Annual day of St. Anthony’s Sunday school was celebrated on 16th November 2019 at 7:00pm. The theme for this year’s celebration was based on the lives of Saints. The Parish priest Rev. Fr. Amaldas, the assistant parish priests Fr. Christy and Fr. Vincent were present to witness and encourage the children. After invoking the presence of Loving God, the tiny tots of grade 1 dressed up as saints displayed a saint’s parade. Saints are an integral part of our family tree and they inspire us to lead a life of faith. This message was conveyed by the action song performed by grade 2 children. The students of grade 3 presented an energetic dance praising the mighty and powerful God. The Kannada section of Sunday school performed an act on St. Anthony’s life reiterating the importance of Blessed Sacrament in one’s life. The Tamil team entertained the audience with a hilarious act on Don Bosco stressing on the education strategies based on love rather than punishment. The life of St. Francis of Assisi was enacted by students of grade 5 and 6, St. Dominic Savio by grade 7 and 8 and St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta by grade 9 and 10 of English section. They reminded the audience that how many different ways one can lead a saintly life and what great things even one single God-loving soul can achieve with the aid of grace! Fr. Amaldas expressed his happiness on the enthusiasm of children and teachers and the co-operation of parents in putting up the show. He wondered how those enactments would have a lasting impression in the young minds. The choir enthralled the audience with their melodious hymns. Thus the history of Saints revealed the creative force that lies in Catholic Church and showed how much it can achieve despite human weakness and imperfections.